Ela Darling is Spearheading VR Porn

In our last segment, The Future of Virtual Reality Porn, we discussed the status of virtual reality for adult entertainment productions. The consensus was that one day virtual reality had the power to potentially shape the future of pornography. It appears that in just a year, that future has become a virtual reality.

With VR becoming common place in the mainstream, studios appear to be scrambling to adopt the new technology as quickly as possible. The shift toward virtual reality, however, may not be exclusive to studio productions. On the contrary, virtual reality in porn may gain ground quickest in the arena of webcams, where things are far more personal. This move makes sense, because virtual reality highlights the realism of an experience, and the most realistic experience is one that’s living in real time.

Ela Darling’s Virtual Reality Camshows

For those who don’t know her, Ela Darling is a self-described “ladies’ porn star.” According to FreeOnes, a website that categorizes and ranks various pornographic performers, Darling’s been in the business for more than a few years but hasn’t yet become a common or rather widespread name among enthusiasts. Recently, however, she’s begun to turn heads by becoming the queen of virtual reality porn.

Her start in this market certainly wasn’t made alone.  Courtesy of a new service offered by CAM4, Ela Darling has changed the tone to focus on one-to-one sessions. In fact, by making it all about a singular exclusive viewing with one’s favorite performer, Darling and CAM4 hope to market virtual reality as the best possible porn experience,



You may have already heard of VR Porn or seen other adult VR sites online, but nothing comes close to the feeling of being in the private bedroom of your favourite cam girl. Get ready for live VR!

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What’s most interesting about this concept, is that it’s skipping a major evolutionary step in virtual reality. Instead of going through the motions of static, pre-recorded sessions, Darling and CAM4 could be innovating straight to the real-time experience.

If what Ela Darling is doing with CAM4VR sticks, the standard means of production may be threatened by a far more exclusive and tailored experience. Almost as if the user is engaging in an anonymous escorting experience, from the comfort of their own home. Despite the potential legal ramifications that could come with such a thing, the innovation is certainly on the cutting edge. With teledildonics, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Move over theoretical sexbot, we’ve got the makings of something even better. Imagine coming home from a long day, and logging in to find your favorite performer ready to go for a hot session? What an interesting thing to see coming out of Porn Valley.


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