Donald Trump VS Pornography

It was inevitable that this election cycle would involve the pornographic industry and pornography community. After all, porn is a hot topic where opinions can be passionate. This time, however, unlike the Hilary Clinton parody that happened last year, Donald Trump’s involvement comes from outside the industry. According to Josh Guckert of the The Libertarian Republic, Trump is ready to take on pornography:

On Monday, the nonprofit group Enough is Enough announced that Donald Trump had signed its pledge. The oath calls for “preventing the sexual exploitation of children, better enforcing Internet obscenity laws, and recognizing that exposure to Internet porn is deforming the sexual development of younger viewers,” according to PC World.

Josh Guckert c/o The Libertarian Republic

Is Donald Trump Advocating Against Porn?

No one is going to argue against preventing the sexual exploitation of children. If it exists, it absolutely needs to stop, and I don’t think anyone in this industry would fight such regulation. But what exactly does better enforcing obscenity laws entail? Where does obscenity begin, and safe sexual exploration end? What exactly should be censored is entirely up to the imagination of those in power. For members of the industry, and enthusiasts a like, that could stir some fear. As Guckert wrote,

However, other portions of the pledge may frighten onlookers as resembling the attributes of a nanny state. This includes the “serious consideration” of a Presidential Commission to examine the “harmful public impact of Internet pornography on youth, families, and the American culture.

Josh Guckert c/o The Libertarian Republic

Adults who look at legal pornography are not children, and shouldn’t be treated as such. The freedom of sexual expression in the form of pornography, while not universally protected, shouldn’t be censored if all parties are consenting adults.

Donald Trump’s action might not be an all out declaration of war, but Guckert makes an excellent case for worry. According to Guckert, Trump has made some outlandish claims, such as threatening network neutrality and increasing surveillance under the banner of combating terrorism. If pornography is deemed harmful to the nation’s culture, like it has for the UK, will we see the end to porn in the United States?

In an election year where so much is at stake, it seems necessary to be diligent in making it known that our freedoms are important to us. We’re consenting adults, and we want our freedom of expression to remain intact.

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