Nadia Ali Banned In Pakistan

Expression of sexuality for women in the Middle East has always been a difficult and controversial topic. Because of the inherent power imbalances for many middle eastern countries, women are often not afforded the same rights they may have in the west. According to Aurora Snow of The Daily Beast, Nadia Ali may be challenging these notions, and as a result, according to Snow, she’s “banned” from Pakistani society.

They may look suppressed, but given an opportunity to express themselves freely, their wild, untamable natural sexuality is released. This may just be what was in bin Laden’s porn collection, experience it for yourself.

Women of the Middle East c/o The Daily Beast

Nadia Ali: Banned and Still Fighting Back

According to Snow, Ali is a fully practicing Muslim, but finds no conflict between her religion, culture, and chosen profession. According to Pakistan, however, pornography itself should be banned. As one can imagine, the issue of being a female Muslim practicing hardcore pornography comes with it plenty of vocal opposition,

I’ve been told, ‘you’re not a Muslim, you’re a disgrace to Pakistan, Pakistan won’t accept you,’ but I do come from a Middle Eastern background and I am Muslim, not the way my parents are, but by practice.

Nadia Ali c/o The Daily Beast

Despite the opposition, Nadia Ali has no plans to stop. She may be new to the industry, and with that comes some shocking introductions to the way things appear to play out, but she’s committed to her work. Since her debut, she’s become increasingly popular.

As mentioned in her interview above, despite the overwhelming appreciation for her contribution to the industry, racism from the Middle East continues to permeate the conversation. Although the split was apparently 50/50, for an entire nation to condemn a single person for their

Doing porn was a breakthrough in how women should be able to masturbate; women should be able to do these things. I want to be a voice for women in the world. I am all about the women’s movement and want to help other women take a stand.

Nadia Ali c/o The Daily Beast

Even though Nadia Ali has plenty of difficulties ahead of her, her perseverance is a symbol of her attitude toward challenging the lack of rights and freedom of women in the Middle East. Expression of one’s sexuality is important, and Nadia Ali is willing to go to great lengths to ensure that she remains a voice for Islamic women worldwide.

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IEAU: Unionizing Adult Entertainment

Until very recently adult entertainment wasn’t considered a unionized industry. In fact, before the IEAU, otherwise known as the International Entertainment Adult Union, the next best thing was APAC, which has been under continued scrutiny and stress. While the concept of protecting performers is a noble one, it appears the IEAU has gone about it in the wrong way.

Enter IEAU; Possible Performer Protection

According to Aurora Snow, from The Daily Beast, there has been some push back toward the union’s creation, but not because of what it stands for, but how it’s been brought to fruition,

No one seems to have an issue with a performers’ union but many are concerned with its organizational aspects. One way to interest performers is to gain their respect. Offer transparency. Be honest, even when you make a mistake.

Aurora Snow c/o The Daily Beast

According to Snow, the initial formation of the union resulted in individuals being nominated and approved before accepting their nomination. Further, apparently only roughly sixty ballots were cast in all. Even those in attendance found issue with its origination,

No offense to the people running this union, but most of them have been out of the industry for so long. We’ve had such an influx of new performers in the last five years that they aren’t going to know who these people are.

TarantinoXXX c/o The Daily Beast

The concept of a union is promising, however, as it could lead to better education and protection for performers. Safety in the adult entertainment industry has been a long and controversial topic, but things have been shifting toward a safer environment. According to Snow, a union could lead to even better long-term security for performers,

dult entertainers don’t spend a lot of time thinking about 401(k) plans, social security, or life after porn—not until they actually leave the business. This long-term financial thinking and planning is where a credible union could make a huge difference

Aurora Snow c/o The Daily Beast

The people behind the IEAU clearly agree, and have put forth numerous goals, including financial education, health insurance, and even OSHA compliance. If successful, this could mean a safer, more comfortable environment for those who wish to transform their jobs in adult entertainment into full-fledged careers.

Unfortunately, the way the IEAU has gone about their introduction into Porn Valley, have put plenty on edge. As written on Mike South’s website, the potential for petitioning the IEAU for re-elections is certainly viable. As Snow said, admitting mistakes could go a long way to breaching the divide in regard to opposition toward a union.

Others seem to be in favor of the union, even as it stands. If the IEAU makes good on their goals and promises, this could be a significant chapter in the world of adult entertainment. With transparency, this would provide performers and production companies alike the opportunity to standardize the industry and produce reliable and forward-thinking content.

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