Sponsor Ad: Finishes The Job

For those of you unaware, Finishes The Job is a network site that offers a cumulative set of adult entertainment spanning three distinct sites, with three distinct genres. FTJ boasts an impressive catalog spanning over 1,200 scenes, with the majority in HD content, and new scenes presented in 4KHD. We ask that our subscribers check them out, you may find your favorite content!

Thank You Finishes The Job

Finishes The Job has been a sponsor with us since day one, and we are overwhelmingly grateful for their contributions to Facial News. Thank you for believing in us, and allowing us to present our articles freely to the world.

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Discount Porn Memberships, or DPM, has updated their fleet of memberships to provide, in addition to affordable and discounted memberships, coupons and deals to other sites, such as video on demand sites. Take a look at their updated stock here.

Thank You Discount Porn Memberships

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Sponsor Update: LegitClips’ New Site

Facial News is pleased to announce that LegitClips has revamped their site, and is offering new, highest rated clips each week! You can find compilations of your favorite performers, like Riley Reid, Shawna Lenee, and more! If you act today, you can get 15% off your entire cart using coupon code facialnews2016 when asked to enter in a promo. They’ve also hinted that bigger discounts may be offered in the near future, especially if you follow their twitter, located here! Hey, we’re also on twitter too!

Thank You LegitClips

If you’re a fan of Facial News, we ask that you check out LegitClips. The costs of running a website, especially one that produces new, handwritten content, aren’t low. We thank LegitClips for offering us a chance to provide our users a spectacular (at least we think so) experience.

New Sponsor: Discount Porn Memberships!

Facial News would like to welcome our newest sponsor, Discount Porn Memberships to our lovely family of affiliates. Discount Porn Memberships, or DPM, offers affordable options to connect to some of the best adult sites in the business. If you’re looking for one or two discount porn memberships, give them a try.

Thank You Discount Porn Memberships

It can be difficult to produce any content, let alone meaningful and honest discussion about important aspects of the industry. DPM has been gracious enough to allow us to continue by backing us without asking for anything in return (other than a plug here or there. We think that’s fair.) As a result, we can bring you more honest discussion than ever before. Get ready 2016, Facial News is here to stay.

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Riley Reid: Team Riley Reid

Are you on Team Riley Reid?

Hey adult entertainment industry fans! Tonight, we’re getting crazy. Until Friday, you too can get a FREE copy of ManoJob’s Team Riley Reid. That’s right, for free. We’re huge fans of Facial News, and big sponsors of the articles that these guys write. As a thank you to all of our fans, and to everyone who cares about this industry, we’re giving out FREE HD and mobile clips over at LegitClips! Yeah, you heard right.

Why Riley Reid?

Riley Reid is an absolute sweetheart. We LOVE her. She’s beautiful. Intelligent. Sexy. Everything. She’s one of the best performers in the world right now, and she only started in 2011! She has always provided great content. That’s why we’ve featured her so many times! On top of that, she’s won so many awards—and she deserves every single one. Trust us. We know. Look, if you haven’t heard of her yet, then you need to get over to LegitClips ASAP and get a copy. This isn’t going to last, and you’re definitely going to want in on this deal.

Are you on Team Riley Reid? We are; and we know that C.K. is definitely on Team Riley Reid too! ♥ But don’t tell him we told you. Go enjoy!