Ela Darling is Spearheading VR Porn

In our last segment, The Future of Virtual Reality Porn, we discussed the status of virtual reality for adult entertainment productions. The consensus was that one day virtual reality had the power to potentially shape the future of pornography. It appears that in just a year, that future has become a virtual reality.

With VR becoming common place in the mainstream, studios appear to be scrambling to adopt the new technology as quickly as possible. The shift toward virtual reality, however, may not be exclusive to studio productions. On the contrary, virtual reality in porn may gain ground quickest in the arena of webcams, where things are far more personal. This move makes sense, because virtual reality highlights the realism of an experience, and the most realistic experience is one that’s living in real time.

Ela Darling’s Virtual Reality Camshows

For those who don’t know her, Ela Darling is a self-described “ladies’ porn star.” According to FreeOnes, a website that categorizes and ranks various pornographic performers, Darling’s been in the business for more than a few years but hasn’t yet become a common or rather widespread name among enthusiasts. Recently, however, she’s begun to turn heads by becoming the queen of virtual reality porn.

Her start in this market certainly wasn’t made alone.  Courtesy of a new service offered by CAM4, Ela Darling has changed the tone to focus on one-to-one sessions. In fact, by making it all about a singular exclusive viewing with one’s favorite performer, Darling and CAM4 hope to market virtual reality as the best possible porn experience,



You may have already heard of VR Porn or seen other adult VR sites online, but nothing comes close to the feeling of being in the private bedroom of your favourite cam girl. Get ready for live VR!

c/o CAM4VR

What’s most interesting about this concept, is that it’s skipping a major evolutionary step in virtual reality. Instead of going through the motions of static, pre-recorded sessions, Darling and CAM4 could be innovating straight to the real-time experience.

If what Ela Darling is doing with CAM4VR sticks, the standard means of production may be threatened by a far more exclusive and tailored experience. Almost as if the user is engaging in an anonymous escorting experience, from the comfort of their own home. Despite the potential legal ramifications that could come with such a thing, the innovation is certainly on the cutting edge. With teledildonics, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Move over theoretical sexbot, we’ve got the makings of something even better. Imagine coming home from a long day, and logging in to find your favorite performer ready to go for a hot session? What an interesting thing to see coming out of Porn Valley.


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Gary Herbert, Porn Is Not The Public Health Crisis You’re Seeking

According to Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s resolution, pornography is a public health crisis. Yeah, right. According to Corky Siemaszko of NBC News, Herbert’s resolution calls for a fight against pornography, through:

Education, prevention, research, and policy change at the community and societal level

Gary Herbert c/o NBC News

Except Herbert’s so-called policy change isn’t binding, doesn’t stop pornographic websites, and is simply fluff. It just looks like Utah’s incapability to create a separation between the government and religion may be clouding the judgement of its politicians.

Gary Herbert and Todd Weiler for Suppression

According to the masterminds behind this resolution, “pornography perpetuates a sexually toxic environment” and that pornography consumption is akin to addictive substance abuse. That’s kind of stretching it—but even if that were the case, aren’t there already safeguards available to parents who wish to prevent their children from utilizing porn? That being said, Siemaszko reports that Senator Todd Weiler would like to:

See default settings on the internet changed to make access to pornography more difficult.

Todd Weiler c/o NBC News

Censorship Begins With ██████████

Wait a minute, you want to make access to pornography more difficult for everyone, including competent, mature, free citizens of these great United States? What happened to a free and liberal society? Once censorship begins, it’s likely hard as hell to contain. Is this really in the best interest of all peoples, or is this just another case of arrogant, affluent, politicians imposing their own moral values on others?

Think about it.

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The Continuing Tales of Alleged Rapist Jimbo

It appears that the news continues to spiral for James Deen, also known as Bryan Sevilla, or as we’re affectionately calling him here, alleged rapist Jimbo. While easing the tension of this tragic story with humor is a natural human phenomenon, there’s absolutely nothing funny about the allegations, or the affects this might have on the industry as a whole.

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, James Deen has been accused of sexual assault by a growing number of female sex performers in the adult industry. As discussed in our earlier report, James Deen is undergoing a public relations nightmare given the accusations. Nearly every individual and organization who once championed the fallen god of male sex performers has turned away in disgust. If the allegations are true, rightly so.

Alleged Rapist Jimbo Baffled

In an article reported by The Daily Beast on the 8th of December, 2015, Aurora Snow coaxed a reluctant Deen to tell his side of the story. In essence, it was perturbing, and amounted to a complete denial of every allegation thus reported. Understandably, James Deen isn’t in the business of admitting to rape. He may yet still be innocent, but the condemnation against him is simply astounding. Snow started the interview where the allegations began, with Stoya’s initial tweet:

Deen’s response, however, is absolutely tragic:

The reason Stoya made this claim could be as simple as her finding out that my current girlfriend and I are moving in together. We have mutual friends, one of our friends notified Stoya of this information. It could be as calculated as Stoya trying to drive traffic to her website.

James Deen c/o The Daily Beast

This dog just doesn’t hunt. The argument put forth by James Deen, including his anecdotal support of Stoya’s apparent capitalistic greed, is simply a non-starter. Stoya is already a household name. She’s one of a very few adult performers who can be discussed in public company without embarrassment or fear. Much like Sasha Grey, or Shimiken, she’s a much greater asset of pop culture than the majority of porn stars. Why would she burn her career for the sake of jealousy? It certainly wouldn’t be a positive business move to advertise her own videos with James Deen, by alleging that he raped her. Now, if she were the only accuser this might be a viable argument, but she’s not.

The Numbers Keep Counting

According to Hilary Hanson of The Huffington Post, the continuing adventures of ARJ is filled with a long and arduous list of apparent sexual assault. In addition to Stoya, Tori Lux, Ashley Fires, an unidentified woman by the initials T.M., Amber Rayne, Kora Peters, Nicki Blue, LilyLaBeau, Joanna Angel, Bonnie Rotten, Bree Olson, and Farrah Abraham have all come forward to share their stories. There’s just too many women with the same tale to tell to ignore. Mike South, who generally tells it exactly like it is, agrees:

The first thing that concerns me is the floodgate of allegations that happened, and how similar they were.  add [sic] to that the fact that the companies he worked for the most abandoned him quickly and decisively left most people with the idea that they knew what was happening.

Mike South c/o MikeSouth.com

Even if the man turns out to be innocent, which seems altogether too unlikely, there’s hope that this ordeal will improve the industry. Frisky, Evil Angel, Kink, and even APAC have made fast work of distancing themselves from Deen, despite a lack of solid evidence. While it may be entirely a public relations move, this shows just how serious rape allegations are; and their impact on the industry as a whole.

A Better Tomorrow

For the sake of putting this tragic story to rest, reports should be filed, and the path to justice should take its full course. In the mean time however, the industry will change; in a very public way. Some have chosen to discuss feminism in porn, and how such a potential betrayal could cause so much damage. Others, like Ashley Fires, have called for safer work environments to prevent further sexual assault. But the real takeaway here is that organizations in this industry need to adapt, and protect their talent. It simply does not matter if the abuser is famous, because the aftermath of their abuse will not be worth the short-term gain.

This is the beginning of positive change, and if the industry wishes to weather this storm, organizations within it would do wise to embrace change and improve relations. So far, it seems to be working. Ultimately, if we protect the performers who put themselves through so much for our pleasure, then the whole industry will invariably come out ahead.

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James Deen: Alleged Rapist

James Deen has been accused of rape. This week, the world of porn was shaken by the accusations that James Deen, the self-described feminist, and one of the most influential and known male performers in Porn Valley, has been engaging in sexual assault. Not just one instance, but multiple reported acts.  Unfortunately, it seems that the Golden Boy of porn, isn’t immune to the Bill Cosby effect.

Stoya to the world: James Deen, my rapist

The news broke when Stoya, a world famous and highly influential porn star tweeted her allegations for the world to see. Stoya is well known for her strong feminist background. In fact, our first story captured Stoya’s views on feminism in regard to porn. It seems she’s had enough of the claims that Deen is a pioneer of the movement:

Following her lead, two additional adult performers joined in, relating their alleged assaults by Deen. According to Hilary Hanson, News Editor of The Huffington Post, both actresses encountered sexual assault, although not penetrative rape. Nevertheless, it appears that given these accounts, Deen is less interested in the boundaries of women, and far more interested in his own immediate desires.

Sexual assault is no joke, especially when it comes to the adult industry. Let’s be clear, in a world where sex is the topic, members of this industry need to be diligent when it comes to the difference between what’s okay, and what has crossed the line. We’ve likely all seen films where the girls resist—that’s sometimes what’s most attractive about the scene, but that’s what safewords are for. If Deen, or any individual, can’t respect something so important, they have no business doing work in the industry.

Stoya Copyright Daniel Sandoval
Copyright © Daniel Sandoval. Some Rights Reserved.

James Deen has made it clear that he’s being set up. According to his Instagram, the three claims made so far are entirely fabricated, and in his own words, defamatory. However, with so much outpouring support for Stoya (often in the form of a Twitter hashtag: #solidaritywithstoya,) and with other allegations quick to become public, it isn’t looking good for Deen.

Some might even argue with James Deen, especially given that none of these women have yet gone to the police. According to Hanson, however, rape allegations are often dismissed by law enforcement, and it’s even harder for members in the industry:

“The reason for that is because people—including the police—tend to believe that sex workers have placed themselves in harm’s way, and therefore can’t be assaulted,” she wrote. “Of course, this claim couldn’t be further from the truth, as being involved in sex work does not equate to being harmed.”

Tory Lux c/o The Huffington Post

Sexual assault has always been a difficult beast to tame. We all want to believe that the pursuit of truth is put forth before our own biases. Shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit deal with this all the time, and yet, our biases often take precedence over protecting people, no matter the claim being made. Because the adult industry is already ripe with bias, we should be far more diligent in making sure any type of allegation as serious as this is taken just as seriously.

Ultimately, until the legal system is able to discern whether or not these allegations are true, James Deen is just another alleged rapist. It’s simply not fair to condemn him until all the facts are out.

Sexual Assault: It’s Not Okay

However, if these allegations are true, his crimes are beyond abhorrent. Not only is he a member of humanity, but he’s a so-called feminist, and one of the most influential male performers in the adult industry. He has a responsibility, like everyone else, to take care of the people he is intimate with. Further to that, under no circumstance should he be violating their sexual boundaries. As a feminist, he should be fully aware that even allegations of something like this can cause serious damage to his agenda. Finally, as such an important role model and member of the porn industry, his actions reflect the entire industry; in or outside of the studio. His diligence in remaining vigilant to be professional has been called into question, and it seems unlikely that he will recover.

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Chrissy Chambers: The Fight Against Revenge Porn

Chrissy Chambers Petitions for United States Legislation Against Revenge Pornography

Before the relationship ended, and without my knowledge or consent, my ex filmed himself having sex with me, and when we broke up he posted them online and they were shared to over 30 pornography sites.

Chrissy Chambers c/o change.org

Chrissy Chambers, a popular YouTube celebrity who co-partners the BriaAndChrissy channel, came forward recently and revealed that she too has been a victim of revenge pornography. She is participating in ongoing revenge porn civil and criminal cases in the United Kingdom. Nearly one week ago, Chambers started a change.org petition calling for legislation in the United States to outlaw revenge porn, like similar legislation in other countries. So far, it has been met with a warm welcome.

In a video released by Chambers herself, she recounts the history of her relation to revenge porn. She focuses on her battles and difficulties since the end of her previous relationship. The alleged perpetrator has not been mentioned, and will remain alleged until a court can rule as to whether Chambers’ allegations are valid and hold weight. However, it’s very clear that Chrissy Chambers has suffered deep emotional and mental hardship due to revenge pornography. Substance abuse, PTSD, therapy, and immense emotional recovery are just a handful of difficulties that Chambers has been forced to endure since her consent was violated. Now she’s coming forward to save others the same trouble.

When I first saw them I felt like I’d been stripped of my dignity. Each one included my full name, and my ex had included text calling me a slut and a horrible role model. By the time I found them, they had been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Chrissy Chambers c/o change.org

The Revenge of Revenge Porn

In the past we’ve written about the depths of revenge porn, the ethics surrounding it, current and past legislation, and the legal status of revenge porn around the world. We’ve focused on consent, or lack-thereof, the education of revenge porn, as well as the frank discussion about what it actually represents. It’s fairly well known that sexual acts without consent are akin to rape, and if legislation is passed in the United States to reflect this, revenge porn could soon be seen as legal sexual assault. It’s already disapproved of ethically.

The reality is that what happened to me was a form of sexual assault, and it should be treated that way by the law. No one should be able to get away with posting explicit photos or videos of another person without their consent, or profiting off running a website that hosts that content.

Chrissy Chambers c/o change.org

Arguments for the legitimacy of revenge porn have a lot to do with convenience, freedom, and shaming victims. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to see how poorly these arguments hold water. In a modern society that values the safety and freedom of its people, how do we justify stripping the freedoms of one individual for another? How do we justify shaming victims for actions they did not intend to occur?

Advocates for revenge porn might argue that if the photo exists, they implicitly consent for it to be released to the public. Or, at the very least, the majority of the blame is theirs to hold for these actions taking place. This is abhorrent thinking. It is not the sole responsibility of one person to police and prevent their own victimization. It is the majority responsibility for others not to violate their rights, freedoms, and consent. It appears, however, we only value these freedoms when it is convenient to protect.

Advocates for revenge porn may also argue that it’s a photographers freedom to govern the use of a photograph they have taken, with or without their subjects consent. If the photo was of your adult child, or your significant other, or yourself, would you agree with such a claim? All for the sake of revenge, or at the very least pleasure?

No matter how you slice it, an individual is entitled to a life free of unwarranted shame and earned respect. They deserve to be championed if their rights or consent are violated, not for violators to be praised. Ethically, this is a well understood point. Until the law catches up and legislation is introduced, victims will go undefended. This is what Chrissy Chambers’ petition is designed for.

Support for Victims of Revenge Porn and Rape

Chrissy Chambers’ holds one strong voice among many who have met the same fate. Chambers was not spoken for, so now she speaks for others. There are hundreds, if not thousands of individuals who have had their consent trampled on by being featured on revenge porn websites. Many more who have been assaulted sexually and have yet to find justice. In delivering revenge porn content to the world, real people are being affected, and real people are being damaged. It doesn’t matter who speaks up for them, so long as people speak out against injustice and advocate for proactive and healthy reform.

Despite how quiet it may be, there is worldwide outrage. Chrissy Chambers has already met a great deal of support for her cause. Her petition is nearing 6,000 supporters, and her campaign against revenge porn is going viral. Those who have faced these hardships are standing up for those who cannot or will not speak. It would be nice if those who have an ethical or moral standing against injustice would follow suit as well.

Why Revenge Porn?

The reason why revenge porn is so popular is because it fills a niche that people want to explore. It’s taboo. It’s wrong. If enthusiasts of true revenge porn give into these urges, then they’re actively hurting others for their own selfish enjoyment. Is that right? It’s legally acceptable in the United States, but is it ethical? Do we really need to be victimized to understand it’s wrong to make individuals into victims?

As said before, if you really enjoy the concept of revenge porn, side with pornographers who distribute legitimate content that is safe and does not breach actual consent. Enjoy performers who actually want to perform. And if those performers can’t fill your niche, find a way to fulfill it without hurting others. If there was no demand for actually violating the consent of others, there would be little-to-no actual violations. Fantasies are good, but fantasies that actually hurt others are not. There must be a compromise that preserves the rights and freedoms of one, without damaging another’s. Hopefully Chrissy Chambers’ petition gets the United States one step closer to embracing the protection of all people.

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