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Pornographic Bikini Noodle Branding?

Pornography is one of those subjects that will perpetually be the cause of dividing opinions. Such differences know no borders. According to Alex Swerdloff, of Vice, the Indonesian Consumers Foundation is pushing to ban the branding of Bikini Noodle’s instant noodles for being, as they’ve decided, too pornographic:

All this hit home this week when the Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency declared that a noodle snack should be pulled from shelves in the Muslim-majority nation because its packaging depicted an image they considered to be out-and-out pornographic.

Alex Swerdloff c/o Vice

Bikini Noodle? Rigorous Definitions of Porn

In the western world, we might think that marketing like this isn’t pornographic at all. After all, bikini clad is far from lewd, even if we are encouraged to squeeze the bag. It’s simply another category of outfit, right? In fact, with brands like Skinny Girl being prevalent in the United States, we might think that Bikini Noodle is designed to be low-calorie alternatives.

Unfortunately for Indonesia, this isn’t the first time that censorship in the noodle industry has reared its head. In fact, according to Swerdloff, an Indonesian politician made the claim that instant noodles and formula cause babies to become homosexual,

Arief R. Wismansyah, the mayor of the Indonesian city of Tangerang (just west of Jakarta), has shocked the world after asserting that instant noodles and formula milk are actually “making babies gay.” He made the unnerving comment during a government-run pregnancy seminar held in Tangerang earlier this week.

Alex Swerdloff c/o Vice

It’s important to realize how fortunate we are, in most of the western world, for having the freedom of expression that we do. We certainly wouldn’t have such a vibrant and diverse industry that is pornography in other countries.

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