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Nina Hartley Parodies Hilary Clinton

Presidential politics are heating up in the United States, with Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, and others joining the fray. Satire and comedy are already taking center stage in preparation for the 2016 election. That means that pornographic parodies are going to be quick to follow. Hilary Clinton will be first to the gate, as Nina Hartley (@ninaland) portrays her in a BlacksOnBlondes scene directed by Billy Watson (@billywatson3.) Don’t worry, former president Bill Clinton’s not being left out, and he’ll be played by James Bartholet (@JamesBartholet.)

Hilary Clinton as Portrayed by Nina Hartley

According to a Huffington Post article by David Moye, this isn’t the first time Hartley has played Clinton in a pornographic parody. In fact she’s performed the role four times. Hartley also co-starred in Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?, her most popular parody from 2008.  Caricatures of Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton, and Condoleezza Rice take to the screen in a threesome from that adult film. It’s widespread popularity allowed Hustler to make quite a few sequels, indicating a demand for pornographic parodies.

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This time, however, Hilary Clinton will be engaging in interracial sex on her way to the presidency. According to Moye, Bill will not be sealing the deal with Hilary, but instead she’ll be engaging other men. In talking about her role as Clinton, Hartley said,

“I’ve gotten to an age where I’m playing authority figures by default. She’s a powerful figure married to another powerful figure so she’s ripe for caricature.”

Nina Hartley c/o Huffington Post

When major events occur, especially concerning female political opponents, pornography and the adult industry at large is quick to satirize them. Hartley makes a good choice, and seems to take the role very seriously. Her portrayal as a strong, independent, and powerful figure is in tune with the public image of Hilary Clinton. This isn’t the first time that director Billy Watson has taken on current events through pornography. According to Moye, Watson participated in a scene about Donald Sterling, the former L.A. Clippers Owner.

I hope they make a porn parody of Rand Paul like they did Sarah Palin. I Stand With Rand, and its James Dean [sic] on the cover with a huge boner and hes saluting. Nice.

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Nevertheless, despite apparent reports that such a thing would be wanted, it’s unlikely that any male candidates will be parodied. Who wouldn’t want to see Rand Paul played by James Deen? After his recent filibuster, I’m sure the argument toward his stamina could be made. A caricature of Bernie Sanders might not be ripe for parody, though.

Political Parodies and Sexism

The way in which female celebrities are parodied in pornography could be considered sexist, despite the fact that there are male celebrities who are also parodied. Facial News recently wrote about objectification, demographic demands, and the damage that could be done to the adult industry. Having Hilary Clinton perform sex as a method for making it to the presidency seems to dismiss her merit as a political candidate. It’s not so much that she’s being parodied, but the reasons for her character’s performance. It’s clear that this particular scene was filmed in good fun, and not designed to be sexist. However, it would be nice to hear from the director on this subject. Does this piece contribute negatively to the political merit of Hilary Clinton? Would it be fair or warranted to make a parody about a male candidate?

If you’d like to see what this scene is actually about, it looks like there are some existing resources when it comes to discounts. It’s certainly going to be quite a popular parody. If you would rather stick to something more traditional, it’s certainly understandable.

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